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Optimum Performance Training is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.   The International Center for Fitness (ICF), powered by OPT, offers program design, personal training, lifestyle/nutrition and exercise consultation, athlete camps/testing, education and training, CCP's and more.  We work with people and athletes of all levels and abilities - we have something for everyone!  Visit HERE for more information.  If you don't live in Scottsdale - we offer remote coaching! Contact us to find out more.

The OPT Coaching Certification Program has had over 500 Coaches, facility owners and athletes worldwide attend over 1100 modules to learn more about OPT's methods of Assessment, Program Design, Nutrition, Life coach and Business. James was displeased with the level of education within the fitness community and hoped to "raise the bar" for the standard level of education for strength coaches around the world.  What started as a single course in the plan to develop the three level curriculum, developed into the extensive program it is today. OPT CCP currently has three levels of coaching, which each containing multiple modules, hundreds of certified or in progress coaches, in person courses, and now has online modules.    Our motto is to continually learn, develop and evolve as a Coach in order to set yourself apart from others in the industry.  Start your OPT CCP journey today! 



The blog has evolved into a platform for anyone ranging from everyday people to high level athletes looking to improve their fitness. With thousands of viewers per month, three separate levels of programs to accommodate specific athlete needs, entire gyms that follow the workout plan, and a community of great people to learn from and educate in the ever changing world of fitness.  FUNCTION, BEING or WILL - where do you fit in?  Join the FREE community today.

The OPT Membership Site was designed to bridge the gap between the extensive education offered by the CCP courses and the information captured on the blog. The membership site is open to people of all levels of education, ranging from the high level coaches looking to keep up to date on new thinking from OPT to the entry level athlete looking to take the first step in education. The site has a multitude of videos, articles, LIVE TIME monthly webinars and a forum used as a Q&A with James, other CCP coaches, and the OPT team.  In the journey to higher order, longevity and living a larger life, we believe in continued learning and education.  Find out more today - Join the membership site!