Client Remarks

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I'm not sure who responds to these emails but I just wanted to thank James for the Big Dawg site.  I was turned on to it more than 6 months ago and it has enabled me to pass a Special Forces Selection program.  I can't thank the entire OPT staff enough for allowing this wealth of information to be so accessible to us.  Your program has pushed me the way I need to be pushed and my recovery time is unreal.  Again, I will never really be able to thank you enough but know that I am forever grateful. 

Drake Comfort

Just wanted to drop you a note to say THANK YOU for everything.  Becky and I are finishing up a vacation with our family at the Outer Banks, NC, and when we return we will be ready to launch our very own box.  This is in large part due to our involvement with you and the community you've set up, and the resources provided to improve ourselves as both coaches and business owners.  Your CCP program is a wealth of knowledge that has been more than worth the investment so far, and we look forward to diving into the rest of what you have planned to offer.  

You continue to inspire and motivate us both.  Look forward to keeping you updated on what will (hopefully) be a successful business venture.

Becky & Adam

Hi James/Coach/Dawgfather,

Thought I would write and thank you for the wicked programming you are providing.  I never trained with barbells before, and jumped right into your programming starting Dec 29, 2010.  I’m really happy with the gains I’ve made, and I’m really enjoying this as a new sport.


Hi Leighanne & James,

Since your last visit and my "talking to" by James I have refocused my energy and as a result our box has experienced something of a renaissance.

Our membership is up to a new high, my coaching has greatly improved and our physical location has a facelift.

7 of us have been following the Big Dawg blog in preparation for our Sectionals in March and as box we have really embraced your "get comfortable with uncomfortable" motto.

Talk to you soon and thank you again for everything.


This is Dan’s last week of training before heading back to Lethbridge for the season. I would like to thank you and your OPT team for all your work with Daniel this spring and summer. He is noticeably stronger, bigger and quicker on the ice which sets him up for a successful season.

Many thanks!


Hey James,

I just wanted to say thanks. I've never really appreciated being in shape as much as I do now and you have really helped me over the years, not only with my workouts, but with diet and understanding my body. I've had such an enjoyable pregnancy and I still have tons of energy even at 8 1/2 months and I know it's from my training!  So thank you so much!!



I posted on the blog, but wanted to write you personally and let you know that I made it through SFAS (Special Forces Assessment and Selection).  The assessment committee doesn't tell you how you did, only if you have been selected or not, but I am very confident that your blog/workouts/training had a significant role to play in my success on everything from performance during the various events and recovery afterwards to my mental fortitude and relative comfort with some very uncomfortable situations.

Thank you for what you're doing.



I also want to give you endless thanks for one of the most rewarding weekends and training experiences of my life.  The PD module completely convinced me that making people healthier and fitter using your methodologies is the best way forward for me as a coach.  I am totally invigorated, motivated and inspired by all the information and positive energy you passed on.

Thanks again,


Thanks for being there over the weekend, it was great meeting you.  You have motivated me to push my limits and this has transferred over to my everyday life as I also graduated with my Masters degree the Friday before I competed.   I have learned so much from this journey the past year that I will carry with me forever.


I wanted to thank you and express my respect for your intelligent programming.  I have been following for about 5 weeks now, and already the effect of the programming and big dawg competition is showing.  I'll be back to posting on the blog when I get back from the race, I'll have a few weeks to get ready for Regionals.


I am part of the Crew from CrossFit Montreal that went to Eastern Sectionals this weekend in Fredericton.  We have been following your training blog and I just wanted to thank you personally: your program really helped me perform to my best.  Of course I still have lots to improve on (I started CrossFit in October 2009), and in that short time I feel I have learned so much and achieve things I never thought possible!  A PR of130 lbs Clean and jerk! Consistant muscle ups and so much more thanks in part to your program.

Just thought I would write my appreciation!


Dear James,

First off, I wanted to say that you are truly an inspiring individual to look up to in the CrossFit community.  Your exemplar attitude and knowledge makes you a true role model for anyone looking to succeed within this program.  Thank you for all of your accomplishments and breadth of intuition you share with everyone on a daily basis.


Hey James:
Today is the 1-year anniversary of the onset of my neck problems. Man, am I grateful to be feeling better today than I was a year ago. Thanks for all you’ve done to help illuminate my path!


Hey Coach

I like to take this time to thank those who are in my life and have a positive influence.  You have helped me more than you know and you continue to help me each day.  Thanks for all you do for the athletes and coaches that you lead.


My top priority doing this certification was to gain the knowledge, and I have to say that I'm thrilled with everything I've learned this year and I have put it all in practice (even before finishing all the practical assignments!)


Just wanted to let you know that the one year anniversary of my weight loss journey was yesterday.

I lost 100 lbs! My body fat percentage went down from 48.9% to 19%!

It’s been an amazing year, and I feel great! I think I am addicted to exercise!



I just wanted to say thanks for all the great programming. I was told about OPT during Sectionals this year and began following the Group 4 plan pretty strictly once I qualified for SoCal Regionals. Your programming helped me practice skills and gain strength in a much shorter time period than my own programming would have.

I ended up 12th in the individual female division and am insanely pleased with my performance. I used to go "balls to the wall" in every workout and would find myself hitting a wall that no amount of will power could push through. Once I hit that red line and muscle failure I was severely limited in my ability. Through your workouts and discussions with a fellow OPT follower I learned a great deal about pacing and setting smaller "unbroken" goals within long workouts. I found myself having greater reserves of energy and catching many girls by the middle/end of each workout. The two-a-day workouts prepared me for the grinding my body faced during Regionals. I PRed by 2-3 minutes on every workout during the competition. Thank you so much for everything you do!

I am also a member of your OPT Business Systems class. It was also amazing. Thank you!