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OPT-In Episode 12



With the recent tragedy at the OC Throwdown, today's conversation explores the broad topic around organized fitness competitions from the perspective of the athlete, coach, and larger community.
James offers unique insight being a high level competitor, coach, and designer of many competitions, most recently the OPTAthalon.  Listen to James expound on what goes into making a quality competition.  Explore what all other sports have been doing for years, and how we can learn from them to make the Sport of Fitness better.

Webinar - Preparing Athletes for the Opens



It's crunch time. The dates are set and with less than 8 weeks before the first workout James discusses key training considerations for the weeks leading up to and during the 5-week sustained schedule of the 2014 CrossFit Open. What should the volume and intensity of training look like? When do you implement testers? How do you adjust the training for a fast vs. slow adapting athlete? Should the athlete repeat a workout? If Regionals are a realistic expectation how do you get the athlete through the Open without over-training? James answers these questions and more during this webinar recorded Wednesday January 8th, 2014.


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Cool your junk. Close your eyes. Make a play date. Walk barefoot in the grass. What are some of the ways you can recover and regenerate between efforts? James shares a few methods he has used and continues to use successfully to create potential and improve performance.

The Dose Response of Exercise



In this 30-min video recorded at PaleoFx 13, James discusses the dose response of exercise. Enjoy!

Theme-Based Group Training

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In this video James discusses transforming group class from workout-centered to client-centered training sessions using a theme-based approach.




James provides insight into his process on identifying inefficiencies in movement and implementing "fixes" to help an athlete progress in their training.




By Max El-Hag

Max describes his extended views on longevitiy in the sport of crossfit.

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PUBLIC: The Future of Fitness



This past weekend, James and I drove down to Phoenix on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to the Perform Better Meeting of the Minds Summit.  Some of the considered leaders of our industry, including Tom Myers, Don Chu, John Berardi, Mark Verstegan and Mike Boyle presented on their vision of the future of fitness.  Each speaker was given about two hours to discuss what their current practice was, why they thought it was the best (with a little bit of shameless selling and self-promotion thrown in), and where they thought the industry was headed.  Ironically, many of them claimed to be doing now what the industry will consider commonplace in the future.  I highly respect the “alpha” in their personality and their confidence and don’t really feel it is all that shameless to make that claim.  They are only expressing their belief in themselves, and prophesying a future with themselves continuing to lead the pack.  At the end of the seminar, the organizer of the event asked the audience to express their “take-aways” from the weekend.  I sat there silently and listened for a while before I decided that I needed some time away from the speakers to write and figure out what I actually took away from the weekend.  After formalizing my thoughts, I have decided that the future of personal training, preventative health care, strength coaches, soft tissue manipulation therapists, and all the other professions in our community, is split into two distinct categories: general health and elite performance.  Like all great dichotomies, the distinction is quite grey! (thanks to us health nuts trying to maximize our fitness potential)  But I will assume that everyone reading this has an understanding of the difference between those two categories.

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PUBLIC: The Bunkie Test



By Jason Lomond

de Witt and Venter claim that repetitive patterns of movement lead to specific patterns in fascia contraction, which, if it exceeds a specific limit, will lead to injury. The ‘Bunkie’ test was developed by de Witt over a period of 12 years to measure the function of the specific fascial lines in athletes.

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PUBLIC: Intelligence

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"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent.  It takes a touch of genius—and a lot of courage—to move in the opposite direction." -E.F. Schumacker

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CJ Martin on OPT CCP Life Coaching

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..."Of all the modules, I believe that the Lifestyle Coaching module is the most important and impactful.  I know that James agrees.  The reason is simple: Coaches fail when their clients fail to comply with their advice." -CJ Martin

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