Here we will be keeping all the past Live Time recordings. Enjoy!

Previous LIVE TIME topics in archive:

"Program Design: Long-term athlete development and periodization"
"Nutrition: Pre-Workout"
"Sports Specific Programming"
"CCP Program Design Follow-up Q&A"
"CCP Assessment Module's Movement Screening"
"Program Design: Mixed Model and Energy System Training"
"Implementing the 3 Phase Nutrition Process" - with special guest Mike Kesthely
"Interview with Jason Lomond"
"Interview with Rob MacDonald"
"An Interview with Charlie Merrill"
"James' Thoughts on the Games"
"An Outside Perspective on Fitness"
"Female Fitness Training"
"The Role of Science in the Future of Nutrition" - with special guest Mat Lalonde
"The Importance of CP Battery in the sport of fitness"
"Prepping for Competition"
"Nutrition Prescriptions for Athletes"
"Energy Systems Training"
"OPT's Philosophy on Assessment"
"Living a Larger Life"