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At OPT | The International Center for Fitness (ICF),  we work with people and athletes of all abilities and fitness levels.  We work with you to manage your fitness, lifestyle and nutrition for optimal results, longevity and feel/perform the best you can.  Whether you are competing at a sport, wanting to live a larger and longer life, or just want to feel your best, there is something for everyone!

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Exclusive Coaching (remote/virtual)

  • 30 minute phone consultation every 6 weeks
  • Daily, monthly or weekly individualized exercise program design
  • Individualized nutritional analysis and prescription as required
  • On-going email support

*an initial consultation is required

On Site Training

Private, Semi-Private, Group Training

  • Workouts are done at the facility with the support and motivation of your own coach.
  • The workouts are developed to help you target your goals, make you stronger, healthier and more fit and can include a weekly program design.

Exclusive Coaching

  • 30 minute on site consultation every 6 weeks
  • Daily, monthly or weekly individualized exercise program design
  • Clients can work out at their own facility, or at our Scottsdale location between 8am and 4pm.
  • Individualized nutritional analysis and prescription as required
  • On-going email support

*Consult required for all On Site Training Clients

Lifestyle Consultation

  • For the nutrition component, a review and discussion of food journal; recommendations made based on goals which many be to increase energy levels, optimize performance, change body composition, improve sleep and improve overall health.
  • For the lifestyle component, review assessment form and discuss lifestyle variable to improve overall health and being.  Discussion around digestion, sleep cycles, energy levels, nutrition, stress and body composition may be discussed.

CCP Coaching Consultation

Have you taken one of our CCP Modules?  Do you need a chance to ask specific questions as you work though the information?  If you're in the midst of applying the concepts that you've learned but need a bit of support, schedule a 60 minute consult with James.  You'll be able to talk about the challenges specific to your training environment and hear directly from James ideas to improve your coaching perscription!

Facility Program Design

OPT now offers Exclusive Coaching for fitness facilities!  Each program is customized by taking your facility's equipment, weather and space constraints into consideration. During the initial consultation we get to know your members' specific needs and develop short and long-term goals for the group. Some of the potential benefits of using OPT's Facility Program Design include:

  • Take the guesswork out of programming by allowing masters in design to take care of this for you
  • Workouts designed to get clients stronger and more balanced while avoiding burn out - key for client retention!
  • Unique programming setting your business apart from your "competition"
  • If you choose, exposure to your facility through the OPT website
  • More time for you to focus on client relationships
  • More personal time and/or time to work on your business (INVALUABLE!)

Ready to get started with Facility Program Design or need more information?  Submit your interest to here and put facility program design in the other box!

Athlete Prep Camps

*Check out the upcoming events page for information on upcoming camps
*Private, semi-private and group camps and testing sessions are available upon request.  Contact Meghan for more information.
Who is this for?
  • Athletes looking to compete in the Crossfit season (sectionals, regionals, the games, throwdowns)
  • REQUIRED: An athletic devotion to fitness competitions.  This is
    intended for people competing in crossfit for SPORT, not for fitness
    and fun.
What will we do?
  • Learn how to prepare and fuel for single event days over multiple weeks (sectionals)
  • Learn how to fuel and prepare for multiple even weekend competitions (regionals and throw-downs)
  • Learn how to train through the opens while still performing at a high level and staying healthy
  • Learn how to peak for the regional competition and then peak again for the games
  • Learn how to operate your specific engine for sectionals, regionals and the games based on your individual fitness
  • Learn the most effective pace and strategy based on your individual strengths and weaknesses based on James watching you train
  • Train with other Crossfit competitors in multiple event days
  • Classroom sessions with James
  • Question and answer sessions with James
What you will go away with?
  • Case study examples of various athlete preparations
  • Results of tests for normative data points the following: Jumping ability, grip dynamometer, forced expiratory volume, blood oxygen saturation under fatigue, lactate scores after capacity tests

Workout at OPT | The International Center for Fitness (ICF)

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