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OPT Big Dawg Blog 5 Week FREE Regional training guide is now available! 

Congrats to all those who qualifed for regionals. Blog followers can now download a 5 week FREE regional training program. Individuals should follow the blog until 5 weeks out from the competition date, then move to the template below.


oct 26,2013




Benny Ahlstedt - OPT EC Client - 4th place Masters - Nordic Showdown

3 sets:
10 push press tough
row 90 sec @90%
rest 2 min
3 sets:
10 front squats tough
AD 90 sec @90%
rest 2 min
2 sets:
20 sit-ups
15 back extensions
10 toes to bar
- choose a weight that's tough for the lifts most likely can be done for all 10 reps
- focus on technique for toes to bar after sit-ups

A. Snatch pull cluster 1. 1. 1 x 3; rest 10sec btw reps/rest 2mins 

B. build to a tough double squat clean from high blocks rest 10sec btw reps - 12mins 


Run 800m 

rest 2mins 

3 rounds for time 

15 burpee box jump overs 24" 

10 PC 135/75#

10 shoulder to overhead 135/75# 

rest 2mins 

Run 800m 



A. - use straps if have them go heavy - focus on driving feet into ground 

B. - start clock right after A. 

- record front end run and ending run times - goal is same time 

- record time for 3 rounds 

- record time for total 

AD 15 min @Z1
AD 15 min @ aer (inc. effort slight)
AD 15 min @Z1
4 sets:
6 Tng Hang Power Clean (mod load, FAST)
Sprint 100m
rest walk 3:40
4 sets:
6 burpees AFAP
row 15 sec MAX effort
rest walk 3:45
4 sets:
rest walk 4 min
- easy aer pace on AD in AM, “feel good” after
- POWER focus in PM, walk rest, full recovery to get after again.
A. BS @42X1; 5,3,1,5,3,1; rest 2 min (tough last single)
B. 20 TGU for time (1pd)
10 min @ 80%:
50m FC
10 burpee box jump overs
3 MU
 (rest walk 5 min)
10 min @ 80%:
row 200m
4 CTB chin ups
(rest walk 5 min)
8 min @ 80%:
8 wall balls
run 200 m

oct 25, 2013




Devin Ford - OPT EC Client 225 
15# PR...this is during a phase of an incremental increase in AER power work from 220 min in week 1 to 320 min in week 5 in one week...this also includes 4 CP/ATP sessions and 3 Alac Power/Endurance sessions
(AER work done through cyclical non eccentric AM sessions, 3 x 20 min mixed modal sessions paced, and higher power cyclical non eccentric pieces)
this happens so often now so I'll say it again, throw out your old bodybuilding mags, PL'ing website squat programs and endurance manuals that tell you concurrent strength and aerobic work does not mix - we know how to improve it all at the same time - the CCP assessment and program design course will teach you this
A. RDL @2020; 10-15x3; rest 2 min
6 sets:
12 hr pushups
8 burpee box jump overs
15 kb swings moderate
rest 90 sec
- RDL should be fast and challenging for the grip
- burpee box jump overs 16"-24"
- kb swings unbroken is the goal
A. emom - BS @20X1 60% of 1rm x 2-3 - 8mins 
B. OHS @30X1; 1 every 90sec start at 65% of 1rm add 10#/ 90sec until max 
C1. wtd chin up 2-3 x 3; rest 90sec 
C2. wtd dip 2-3 x 3; rest 90sec 
D. SA DB bent torso row @20X1; 6-8/arm x 3; rest 45sec btw arms 
E. FLR on rings accumulate 4mins 
A. - speed focus 
B. - OHS from rack stay organized - rack jerk or behind the neck push press to get bar up 
C1/2. - build per set 
D. - same side hand and knee on bench - elbow high torso twists in finish position 1 sec hold up there use tough weight - stay controlled 
E. - record total time 
2 min run
30m bear crawl
30 single unders
2 min AD
30 jumping jacks
30 sec HS hold
2 min row
x 6 - all easy pace
A. For 8 sets – every 30 sec - Front squat x 2 (60-70%, focus speed out of the bottom)
B. Snatch (75%) – 5,4,3,2,1; rest 30 sec b/t sets
C. Thruster (60%) – 10,8,6,4,2; rest 20 sec b/t sets
Row 1k @90%
rest 2 min
For time:
10 pHSPU
5 RC
10 MUps
5 Wall walks
10 burpee MUps
5 RC
10 strict HSPU
rest 2 min
Run 800m @90%
- Good form, full snatch. Concentrate on breathing and recovery.
- speed and efficiency on thruster
- Record 1k and 800m as separate score
AD 5 min @80%
Rest 5 min
Row 5 min @80%
Rest 5 min
Run 1200m @80%
x 2
- heavy warm up, 30 sec accels to warm up
- consistent cals for Row and AD
- consistent run time
Join us December 6-8 in Scottsdale, AZ for CCP Program Design

oct 24, 2013




Carolina CrossFit"fitness" 


oct 23, 2013




OPT and SP
CCP Life Coach LEVEL 2 is coming in February!  
James and I have diligently worked the past 18 months to evolve the Level 1 program in order to bridge the gap between theory and application.  Level 2 will continue to build on that foundation and be the next step in higher order coaching.  Those coaches who have completed Level 1 (all five modules, homework and the final 3 case studies) are eligible to attend.   
I can tell you from my own experience that completing Level 1 is A LOT of work, but it is well worth it.  It is SO rewarding to complete a journey.  For those coaches who have a module or two to complete in order to attend, let me encourage you to finish what you started.  The experience and knowledge you will gain in the process is worth the time involved.  All you have to do is make it happen.
I am really looking forward to seeing which coaches emerge as our first Level 2 Life Coach attendees.
For time:
run 600m
50 air squats
run 400m
30 sec tuck sits
run 200m
30 box jump step-downs
- tuck sits can be done on parallel bars or rings as an L-sit progression
10min 80-90% effort 
25 DU 
Row 150m 
rest walk 5mins 
10mins 80-90% effort 
5 SA DB thruster 40/20# left 
5 SA DB thruster 40/20# right 
5 CTB chin ups 
8 GHD situp 
rest walk 5mins 
10mins 80-90% effort 
Run 200m 
5 clean and jerk 115/75# 
10 walking lunges 
- proper aer wamup 
- work on pacing through the 10min efforts keeping them sustainable 
- should not reach efforts that force poor form 
- stay aware of breathing and muscle fatigue - record the time you notice changes during the 10mins  
AD 45 min
(every 5 min get off, complete 15 sec free standing Handstand, 20 single unders)
A. Tng Power clean cluster – 3.3.3 x 3; rest 15 sec, rest 2 min
B. Wtd chin up @21X0 – amrap in 60 sec x 3; rest 2 min
C. For 6 sets - every 90 sec – 10 cal row, Tng power snatch (155#) x 5, burpee box jump over x 5
6 min @80%
200m row
20 DU’s
10 lunges (total)
rest 5 min
6 min @85%
10 chin ups
10 ball slams
10 HR push ups
rest 5 min
6 min @90%
200m run
5 Tng deadlift (225#)
10 wall ball
-       Higher effort every piece. Breathing focus, consistency.
A. Snatch balance; 3,3,3; rest 90 sec (mod load, speed under bar)
B. 6 Sets – Snatch pull + Hang Snatch; rest 2-3 min
C1. Ring push up; 10,10,10; rest 30 sec
C2. Wtd. dip @ 2112; 3-5 x 3; rest 30 sec
C3. BB step up @ 2111; 9-12/leg x 3; rest 2 min
- dynamic warm up
- Build snatch weight
- wtd. dip – tough weight all sets
- step up – inc. per set

oct 22, 2013




Specific PWO Intake
Back in Dec I talked about the important of carbs; this post, I want to hit specifically on PWO intake of protein and carbohydrate, and some targeted formulas.
For athletes seeking performance, it's essential to fuel, and refuel appropriately.  many people "know" they must refuel after a hard bout of training, but a lot of folks do it without accuracy.  I'm going to do a bit of a post-reversal, and talk about the formulas and timing this week, and talk about specific types of carbs/protein next week.
Some of the formulas I use with athletes:
  • 0.8g/kg carbohydrate + 0.4g/kg protein.  At 2.2lbs per kg, for a 165lb (75kg) athlete this works to 60g carbs and 30g protein.
  • Body Fat% based formula:
  • Post Training Fuel Male:                                      Post Training Fuel Female:
    above 12% - 30g pro/10g carb                       above 16% - 20g pro/10g carb
    8-12% - 30g pro/25g carb                               12-14% - 20g pro/20g carb
    below 8% - 30g pro/40g carb                          below 12% - 20g pro/30g carb 
Now, keep in mind, these are very general guidelines; while they do take weight and BF% (which is an indirect inverse measure of insulin sensitivity), it doesn't really account for the type of training.  More guidelines:
  1. CNS dominant sessions will require less PWO carbs, and more PWO protein (think 5x5 deadlift)
  2. Cellular dominant sessions will require less protein, and more carbohydrate. (think 10km run)
  3. CNS/Cellular sessions (true mixed modality.  I hate the term, highly inaccurate, but people get it: "heavy metcon" require both HIGH carb + protein
Example:  32 y/o male, 5'9, 180lbs, 7%BF.  Variance per session:  Metabolic only (cellular) it will be 30g/120g P/C. If it is strength only (CNS), it will be 50g/60g P/C. If it combines both strength and metabolic (CNS/Cellular) in the same session It will be 60g/120g P/CKeep in mind these are the numbers that work for THIS athlete---example is used to stress the variances in sessions.  Don't run out and slam 120g sugar if this is your 2nd day reading the Big Dawg Blog.
When:  Lots of truths & myths that surround the "PWO Window".  Truth#1: glycogen repletion takes upwards of 24hrs to happen.  Protein synthesis can last 48hrs.  Truth#2: Speed of repletion of both causes a cortisol downturn, which has nothing to do with the first truth.  And, probably one of the single biggest factors in recovery in mixed modality athletes.
When, Take 2:  I advise athletes to consume the over formula(s) within 30 minutes of training.  If it's been an extremely hard session give yourself 15-20minutes to chill out.  A very ominous term coined "The Post Workout Blackout Period" actually has legit science behind it---the sympathetic response of training diverts blood away from your GUT, and actually induces a temporary form of insulin resistance.  The Fight or Flight response that kept us alive whilst being chase by saber tooth tigers is at play time for digestion or energy STORAGE when trying to avoid death.
When, Take 3:  Follow this up with a whole food P/F/C meal.  Why?  Uptake is fast...60gC/30gP is 360kcal, but our body will utilize is completely to recovery, and leave us empty-tanked again.  Think of your PWO shake as recovery, and everything after fuel for tomorrow's fire.
Mike Kesthely
3 sets:
20 double unders
12 burpees
10 deadlifts moderate
rest 2 min
30 sec AD hard
rest 20 sec
40 sec side bridge
x4 each side, rest 30 sec after both sides
- for the deadlifts, continue with the lowering portion of the movement for all reps, even the last of the set, with no bouncing from the ground
A. emom - 12mins 
odd - PS TnG x 5 55-65% perfect form 
even - 3-4 close grip bench press @20X1 70% of 1rm 
B. emom - 16mins 
odd - 10 burpees 
even - 7-8 T2B 
C. emom - 16mins 
odd - AD 10sec 97% effort 
even - 12 situps 
10mins 80% effort 
1 TGU/arm 1.5/1pd 
5 DL TnG 205/135#
AD .3miles 
A. - pick weight in range that allows perfect form no pause on floor for PS focus on staying to tempo on CGPB
B. - heart rate up - be consistent on burpees and work on breathing during both movements - when are you breathing on burpees? 
C. - push on AD smooth on situps keep same RPM's for AD 
- 10mins smooth try to start - maintain - and finish at same pace 
10 min @80%
2 squat clean thruster (185#)
5 burpee over bar
rest 5 min
10 min @ 80%:
15 WB's
10 T2B
5 ring dips
rest 5 min
10 min @ 80%:
Row 250m
FC 50m heavy
3 MU's
rest 5 min
10 min @ 80%:
run 200 m
10 OHS (135#)
8 CTB pullups
- Continuous movement, consistent in all, record rounds.
A. PS – Build to a heavy in 12 min
B.  Emom 8 min – PS x 2 + OHS (@70% of A)
C. 8 sets - every 90 sec – Row 9 cal, 6 Tng DL (mod), 3 burpees over bar
amrap 15 min:
Run 800m
100 WB
50 chin ups
amrap DU’s in remaining time
- record weight for PS heavy and Emom
- Good breathing for 8 sets, DL tough but unbroken
- note number of DU’s completed and when WB completed
- note chin up sets (ie – 15,10,5,5,5,5,5)
Want to learn more? The next Nutrition Module is February 22-23 in Scottsdale, AZ. Register and secure your spot before it sells out!

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oct 21, 2013



OPT Athlete Moses "MO" Cordova, tied for first place at SICEST of the Southwest


A1. db step-ups @2111; 6-9x3; rest 30 sec btw legs
A2. db single arm press @3111; 6-9x3; rest 30 sec btw arms
B. db standing 2-arm bent over row @3111; 10-12x3; rest 90 sec
C. FLR - accumulate 4 min
- db step-ups are L leg up *all the way* before R leg is placed on top, then R leg goes down first, then L leg follows down
- rest the same btw A1/A2 as between arms
- challenge yourself for a good low back position on the rows
A. BS @30X1;; rest 3mins 
B. emom - 12mins 
odd - Squat clean TnG x 3 65% of 1rm 
even - 1MU + 3 ring dips + 1MU + 3 ring dips 
10 -1 for time 
Wall balls 20/14# 10' target 
Chin ups 
- second 5, 4, 3 should be more than the first 5.4.3 
- emom odd - speed focus and form - even - goal is to stay on rings entire time 
- pace through 10-6 then go for it focus on breathing during the movements
Row 2k (mod effort)
Rest 60 sec
Row 2k (lighter effort)
Rest 60 sec
Row 2k (easy)
- Record time and splits/500m for each 2k.
A. Clean + split jerk x 2 – Build to a heavy in 15 min
B. Emom 8 min - clean + SJ x 2 (take 80% of A)
C1. KBS (heavy) – 25,25,25; rest 30 sec
C2. DU’s x 50; rest 2 min
5 sets:
TGU x 2/arm (tough)
Wall walk x 2
FLR on rings 60 sec
- AM aerobic, easy, good breathing
- Focus sustaining torso on jerk, agressive
A. 3 sets - 100m OH BB carry; rest 2 min (mod load, no drops)
B. 3 sets - KB windmill x 8-10/arm; rest 90 sec (rest 15 sec b/t arms)
C1. 4 sets - Front rack walking lunges x 20m; rest 15 sec
C2. Max effort strict pull up in 60 sec; rest 15 sec
C3. Squat clean thruster x 6; rest 15 sec (tough, TnG preferred)
C4. FLR on rings x 45 sec; rest 4 min
AMRAP in 12 min:
20 cal AD
3 wall walks
3 TGU/arm
20m Handstand walk
- add weigh per set to front rack lunges, use same weight for TnG squat clean thruster
- Indicate number of strict chin up
- Mechanics over load, sustain torso

Oct 20, 2013



Next OPT Level 1 online assessment + Program Design course is December 6-8 here in Scottsdale, AZ. It's a great time of year to make a trip to our warm, sunny HQ.

We also offer the assessment and program design course online for those who are not able to make this trip and are ready to get started on the CCP journey.



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