feb 17, 2012



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    1. Paul Smith said over 2 years ago

    Mike, that is absolutely crazy. Nice work!!!

    Great article on Nate. Can't wait to see him standing on the podium this year.

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    2. Lars said over 2 years ago

    Nice work McG!

    Will - Feb 15

    A. built up to 2pd.
    B. 245, 265, 275 x2+1F
    C. Complete with truck - love these!
    D. Complete

    TGU felt good, 5 reps gets wobbly. First few reps feel easy, than gets tough. Keep finishing forward with my jerks (bad shoulder mobility). I also feel it in my low back, probably compensating for my shoulder mobility...

    I'm going to try and do Feb 16th today, but am running on VERY little sleep and not looking forward to it.

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    3. Jake Renteria said over 2 years ago

    Those jerks were very impressive. Nice job!

    Anyone got any recommendations where to buy BSC tights from?

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    4. Brandon H. said over 2 years ago

    Ben Kelly a former Big Dawg and current OPT CCP coach. Email him at He is great to deal with!

    Nice pub for Nate. Looking forward to seeing how he does.

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    5. Cookie@OperatorCrossfit said over 2 years ago

    Yesterday's Being
    Smooth, and reasonably consistent. Finally got a good night of sleep last night. What an improvement.

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    6. delgreco said over 2 years ago

    McG excellent jerks bro. sweet stuff.

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    7. Lars said over 2 years ago

    Will - Feb 16

    50:15 as Rx'd

    1st run was 7:40 took it easy due to ice and slush...2nd run 8:15.

    KB snatch 9/6 each round
    MU's 3,3,2,2 each round
    R HSPU 5 UB each round

    Rounds were about 7 min/each. Took some time getting long pants, toque etc... on and off for runs

    Overall pleased with time and effort given the lack of energy and no one to train with today.

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    8. Lindsay said over 2 years ago


    Made up 2/16 and part 1 from 2/15

    TGU-33:15 (first time doing it with rx'd weight. Feel happy with time although by the end my form was sloppy and me left arm is pathetic)

    Rest 10mins

    2:00 airdyne sprints: 29/30/30 calories.

    I'm so toasted after all this! Can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store!

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    9. Thad P. said over 2 years ago

    Feb 16 done today

    KB snatchs where much better then last time
    RHSPU all UB
    both runs under 7 mins
    MU's mostly sets of 2 and 3
    some wasted time adjusting rings up and down b/t MU's and RHSPU's because of ceiling height

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    10. Mike McGoldrick said over 2 years ago

    Thanks Dawgs!

    Awesome interview Nate.

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    11. Chelsea @ Operator Crossfit said over 2 years ago

    Yesterday's Being


    I was so sore and wobbly from the past two days that I did the majority of the TGUs in sets of 2 per arm. I tried to make up for this by resting less. This was definitely a PR, but I'm not sure by how much as I've only previously done it 'not for time'.

    Dose anyone else skin the hell out of their knees/palms doing these things??

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    12. Christy Butch said over 2 years ago

    Yesterdays will

    Practiced rope climbs instead of TGU
    Jerks 120, 130,140 lbs. Not heavy. Fast.
    Sled push 100 yds X 5 outside
    Did GHDs in between pushes due to time.
    Resting tomorrow.Family stuff.
    Will look forward to wodding Sunday.


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    13. Mitch S said over 2 years ago

    Yesterday's being

    Shut down at 50 in 13:20. Felt good but 100 TGUs always leave me wasted for a couple days so wanted to stop there. Did about an hour of hip and shoulder mobility after. Feeling better today after good sleep last night. First night we didn't have at least one sick kid in a couple weeks!

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    14. Mike Rosewell said over 2 years ago

    Feb. 16



    The KB snatch wore me out! First mile was 6:40. Was able to do stes of 5 on the snatch for 2 rnds then my hand tore and had to go to singles and doubles. The MU went 5/3/2 for the first 3rnds then 2/2/3/2/1, 4/3/2/1. RHSPU were UB. Last mile was 8:15 running with my dog. I didn't anticipate the snatches being so difficult.

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