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007 represents the starting point and honouring that. Some may not remember it, or choose to try and forget it, but it happened. What did happen is what this search represents; more than me, more than OPT. It represents a movement. It represents everyone that has ever touched and benefitted in some way to OPT. It is also a thank you to everyone that has decided to be a part of that journey either against, alongside or in front of me. Again, thank you, if you know me, I don’t say it often, but when i do, I mean it.  - James “OPT” FitzGerald

July 23, 2014


Last year I went to the Games to experience the show. This year I specifically came to cheer on James at the masters events. I was profoundly inspired watching the events of day one and even more inspired being surrounded by a demographic of 40+ physically empowered spectators and athletes.

It reaffirmed for me that the pursuit of excellence knows no limit. The pursuit of an optimal performance is just that, and it can be had at any age and in any endeavor in life.

As a coach, that’s what I love to watch, cultivate in others and go after myself. I see so much beauty in the pursuit and the refinements that go with it.

Sharon Prete
CCP Life Coaching Co-Conductor


Function 7/23/14

run 1000m @90% aer
rest 5 min

- pace these runs for even output, slightly increasing effort


Being 7/23/14

5 rounds for time 16min time cap
Run 400m
2 legless rope climbs 14′

- use legs on way down if needed
- if you struggle with legless do regular rope climbs
- record time


Will 7/23/14

Row 300m @90% Aer
Rest walk 60 sec
x 5

rest 3 min

Run 200m
5 burpee
30 sec ring FLR
rest walk 60 sec
x 6

rest 3 min

Row 300m @90% Aer
Rest walk 60 sec
x 5

A. 8 sets – every 45 sec – Snatch + OHS (build from 75% of snatch RM)
B. Emom 10 min – Tng PC x 2 (80%)
for time:
800m run
30 double KB thrusters (2pd/h)
50 CTB chin ups


She 7/23/14

Coach’s Note: Anyone following the She blog should be implementing 10-15 minutes of scapular stability work in warm up. Powell raise, trap 3 raise, muscle snatch (light), DB prone row, DB external rotation, etc.

A. Clean – build to a heavy single (not a 1RM)
B. Emom 8 min – Clean + HC + FS; 1.1.1 (85% of A)
C1. Strict chin up amrap in 90 sec; rest 30 sec
C2. Clean pull; 2,2,2; rest 30 sec (80% of RM, build)
C3. Death march x 30m; rest 2 min –
Row 45 sec @97%
rest walk 3:45
x 5

July 22, 2104

My involvement with Marcus started through a team; things come full circle I guess, #RISEup.

If you watch the athletes that compete at the highest level in the Games, it takes a special person to repeat year in year out and qualify.

Add to that a VERY stringent field to get through and you have yourself talent.

Everyone who knows Marcus gives him so much credit for his technique and movement and detail.

What you don’t know about Marcus is how his work ethic, willingness to continually learn, and humble personality is even more special.

No one progresses like he has without hard work; and now he has a chance to show what hard work CAN and DOES do if you believe.

I believe in him, I believe he can be the best.

James FitzGerald
Director, OPT

We wish all the athletes competing this week the best of luck at the Games!! Once again the individuals representing Team OPT:

Amy Mandelbaum, Masters Women 45-49
James FitzGerald, Masters Men 40-44
Patti Carson-Lawhorne, Masters Women 50-54
Wanda Brenton
Amanda Goodman
Marcus Filly


Function 7/22/14

15 min @80% effort:
3 wall walks
8 box jump step-downs high
20m single arm OH carry L
20m single arm OH carry R
30 double unders
185m row hard
rest 3-4 min
walk cooldown

- goal for the 15 min piece is continuous movement


Being 7/22/14

10mins 85% effort
Row 200m
8 box jump sd 24″
5 PS 115/75#

rest 5mins

10mins 85% effort
5 clean and jerks 115/75#
8 DL 115/75#
10 step up 24/20″
25 unbroken DU

rest 5mins

10mins 85% effort
Run 200m
4 TGU alt hands per rep tough weight you pick

- work at a sustainable pace for all sets


Will 7/22/14

Row 1k @70% Aer
Rest walk 90 sec
x 8
- consistent pace throughout

A. 10 sets – every 90 sec – PC x 1 (build tough)
B. 5 sets – every 2 min – Segmented clean DL x 3 (305,315,325,335,345)
for time:
2k row
20 Hang Power Clean (245#)
40 box jump (30″)


She 7/22/14

Coach’s Note: Anyone following the She blog should be implementing 10-15 minutes of scapular stability work in warm up. Powell raise, trap 3 raise, muscle snatch (light), DB prone row, DB external rotation, etc.

A. 10 sets – every 90 sec – Jerk x 1 (build from 75%)
B. Push press; 2,2,2,1,1,1; rest 90 sec (first double @70%, build)
C1. Axel bar pendlay row @21X1; 6-8 x 3; rest 30 sec
C2. Double DB bent over row; 6-8 x 3; rest 90 sec
9 min amrap:
8 Hand Release push ups
35 DU
6 ring dips
50m FW (AHAP)

July 21, 2014

OPT Exclusive Coaching Client Angelo Gala 1st in Weight Class (76.4kg) – Bay State Games. 125kg C&J

105kg Snatch. 230kg Total.

Interested in becoming an Exclusive Coaching client? Click here to learn more or contact us to discuss how we can help you meet your goals!


Function 7/21/14

A1. Back squat @30X1; 3-4×5; rest 90 sec
A2. amrap strict neutral grip chin ups; 4 sets; rest 2 min
B1. db torso row @30X0; 4-6×4; rest 60 sec
B2. db incline bench press @30X1; 5-7×4; rest 90 sec
C. Front Leaning Rest (FLR) feet elevated on rings – accumulate 3 min

- strict, from full protraction in bottom for chin ups, these can be done on rings
- incline bench press 30 degrees
- feet elevated 8-12″ on FLR


Being 7/21/14

A. back squat 3, 2, 1; rest 3mins
50 HSPU for time
For time
20 back squat 225/165#
40 T2B
60 KBS 2/1.5pd

- get in feel good on bs does not need to be 1rm
- rest as needed for +
- stirct HSPU if possible
- record time for workout


Will 7/21/14

AD 60 sec @90%
slow spin 60 sec
x 16
- rest 5 min every 8 sets

A. BS@20X1; 2,1,1,1; rest 2-3 min
B1. CGBP; 5,5,5,5; rest 30 sec
B2. 1 Wtd. (seated) legless RC 15′; rest 3 min
C. Emom 10 min
odd – PS x 4 (155#), burpee box jump over x 5
even – HSPU x 8-10 unbroken
5 sets – constant variance, all sets different order:
[500m row, 8 MU, 8 front rack walking lunge (185#), 10 TTB, 50 DU]
rest 5 min b/t sets


She 7/21/14

Coach’s Note: Anyone following the She blog should be implementing 10-15 minutes of scapular stability work in warm up. Powell raise, trap 3 raise, muscle snatch (light), DB prone row, DB external rotation, etc.

A. Front squat @20X1 – build to a 2RM
B. Segmented snatch deadlift + Snatch pull; 2.2 x 5; rest 2 min
C. for time: 50 DB step ups
for time:
10 PC (80%)
15 strict CTB chin ups
20 ring push ups
25 CTB chin ups
30 burpees

July 20, 2014

In case you missed it check out our Phoenix Rise athletes in action at last weekend’s tournament. Can’t wait for the first match this season on August 23rd against the DC Brawlers!


Function 7/20/14



Being 7/20/14



Will 7/20/14



She 7/20/14


July 19, 2014

With every journey, there must be reflection; as we teach in the 4 seasons of learning in CCP Life Coaching.Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 8.34.10 PM
Leighanne and I brought the idea to life (conceptualizing) when we moved to AZ in that we wanted our kids to experience some special moments in their summers in various locations.
2012 summer was Flagstaff/Payson/Sedona, last year was Southern California, this year it was Maui.
Over the winter, we devised the plan (devising) to ensure all things were balanced to allow Maui to happen.
We were here and experienced it, now we are gone. (doing)
Some reflections from my filters. (reflecting)

1. The evenings here are epic, warm winds off ocean, people holding hands and walking, there is some beauty in that – a reminder to take the time
2. Lying on grass, walking on it and playing on it is important for me (and there were no flies!) – a reminder to keep grounded along your travels
3. Kids love unstructured play; it creates imagination and balances energy – a reminder to ensure we direct a bit but allow freedom, the balance
4. No matter the distance – be grateful for your family – my mother is in a fight for her life; reminder to live each day to the fullest, there is not a lot of time
5. 90 deg F and high humidity is tough to workout in; reminder that environment and thermoregulation play a large role in energy production
6. AM bike riding/running is freedom for me – I was excited to wake; a reminder to be “out there” more often
7. The clients, coaches, staff, athletes i work with mean a lot to me and my mission; a reminder to keep that in mind when they are not close; can’t wait to get into OPT again
8. What I have and all that I have been given I am grateful for – Leighanne and I had a great time – but we are happy to go home; a reminder that things are alright

James FitzGerald
Director, OPT


Function 7/19/14

4 sets:
20 KB front rack walking lunges
200m run
40m double KB OH carry tough
300m run
15 box jump step-downs
400m run
rest 3 min

- goal is constant pace throughout, same pace per run


Being 7/19/14

A. clean and jerk build to a max in 10mins

rest as needed

B. Row 500m rest 90sec in rower Row 500m

rest 30mins

3 rounds for time
Row 1k
200 DU
Run 800m


Will 7/19/14

Round the World (RTW)
1 min AD
1 min row
1 min jog
1 min bike
1 min crawl
1 min jump rope
x 7

A. Emom 5 min – BS x 1 (90%)
B. Clean and Jerk – 2,2,2,2; rest 3 min (85%+)
C. for time: 30 parallette HSPU
For time:
50 Hand Release push ups
25 DB thrusters (HEAVY)
15 burpees
50 KB swing (2pd)


She 7/19/14

Coach’s Note: Anyone following the She blog should be implementing 10-15 minutes of scapular stability work in warm up. Powell raise, trap 3 raise, muscle snatch (light), DB prone row, DB external rotation, etc.

Run 400m @high effort
rest walk 3 min
x 8
- get faster per set, ensure consistent increase

July 18, 2014

I consider Amanda Goodman one of the best regional level athletes I have EVER worked with (big statement i know).Making her row for over 90 min at her height and weight and swim with her muscle mass and leanness, you can see how she was not thrilled going into the weekend last year at Carson. But when you look at the theme of the regionals and what they entail, when ready and able, there aren’t many that will beat her.

I am happy to be a part of her fitness journey, especially now we have extended that into her association with the RISE.

Her essence is about perfect execution of movement, precision and detail on strategy, and “work”.

She has had a tough year this year behind the scene. Many have not seen it take place, but we at OPT have cheered her on on her overcoming a shoulder injury sustained since the Games last year into Nov 2013.
She basically moved to AZ in December and was finally able to jerk and perform kipping movements to the joint in late January, only weeks before the opens.
This shows her patience throughout the year in working around it, and waiting for her chance to shine.
She was still at 90% at regionals and was victorious.

Going into the Games this year we have the attitude to do the best at the ones she can, and perform with intelligence in cases where she is not.
This has been a big learning for Amanda. You cannot fault an athlete for that. She wants to win; all the time; at everything. When being coached on that in areas she simply won’t win, she is at her most vulnerable, and she welcomes it and has grown tremendously over time around this. This makes her stronger, this is what will fuel her.

James FitzGerald
Director, OPT


Function 7/18/14

A1. Seated good morning @3111; 4-6×4; rest 90 sec
A2. db 1-arm push press @30X1; 4-6×4; rest 2 min
B1. db bench press @30X1; 3-5×4; rest 90 sec
B2. pendlay row @21X0; 3-5×4; rest 90 sec
C. single arm FW 80m tough L/R; 4 sets each; rest as needed
D1. bent hollow body rock; 15 reps; 3 sets; rest 10 sec
D2. table stretch; 30 sec; 3 sets; rest 15 sec

- seated good morning should be moderate weight
- fine to momentarily put down FW implement to switch direction, kb is better than a barbell generally, but FW handles best to use
- bent hollow body rock is like a hollow rock but with hands by hips and knees bent
- table stretch is supine onto hands and feet with hips thrust into the air, hold the top position


Being 7/18/14

A. back squat @20X1 + chains or bands 50-60% of 1rm; 2-3×8; rest 45sec
30, 20, 10 for time
KBS 2/1.5pd
wall ball 20/14# 10/9′ target

rest 10mins

3mins max burpees

rest 10mins

For time: 
10 burpee Muscle Ups 
10 wall walks
5 rope climbs 15′
100m Farmer’s Walk 100/70#/hand

- speed focus on back squat bar isn 50-60% of 1rm then add chains or bands
- record score for 30, 20, 10
- record burpee score
- grinder pace on the last workout 80-90%


Will 7/18/14

AD 60 min @Z1
- every 5 min get off and complete 5 GH raise, 30 sec ring FLR

A. Push press – build to a heavy triple
B. For time – 20 wall walks
C. Emom 10 min – MU x 4 unbroken
5 rounds for time:
5 DL (315#)
5 burpee box jump over

rest as needed

for time:
Run 800m @90%
rest 2 min
25 TTB
150 DUs
25 TTB
150m Overhead walk (225#)
25 TTB
150 DUs
rest 2 min
Run 800m @90%


She 7/18/14

Coach’s Note: Anyone following the She blog should be implementing 10-15 minutes of scapular stability work in warm up. Powell raise, trap 3 raise, muscle snatch (light), DB prone row, DB external rotation, etc.

A. BS @20X1; 3,2,1,3,2,1; rest 2-3 min (second wave more difficult)
B. Double DB bent over row; 10-12 x 3; rest 2 min (build from previous week
C. For time:
20 double KB thrusters (1pd/h)
30 strict chin ups
20 front rack reverse lunge (95#)
30 HSPU (-6″)
For time:
20 PC (80%)